How to Style Your Living Room with Artificial Plants: 7 Expert Tips

Artificial plants

Artificial plants for Living Room have grown in popularity in recent years, and it appears that every living room in the country now houses at least one plant.  If you’ve fallen in love with social media photos of living rooms that are as full of plants as they are with furniture, but don’t have a green thumb, you’ve come to the right spot. If you have been hesitant to attempt artificial plants in your home, do not be! Artificial plants are not the obvious-plastic plants of your childhood.

They’re no longer identifiable from the actual thing unless you get really close and personal. You can get the same on-trend appearance as your favorite green-fingered influencers without having to worry about keeping a plant alive. If you want to decorate with artificial plants but prefer a more realistic look, here is the post for you! Here are my 7 expert tips on how to Style Your Living Room with Artificial Plants

Choose Focal Artificial Plants For Living Room

Unless you have a vast, open-plan living area, one extra-large plant is usually sufficient. In either case, each sitting location in your living room may have a large focal plant that draws your attention and brings the space to life.

We discussed some of the best tropical plants previously, so here are a few of our other favorite picks.

  • Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant:

    These plants have large, oval-shaped leaves that drop from the branches.  While the real version of this plant has more stem than leaf, artificial counterparts are far more balanced, with an aesthetically pleasing arrangement of leaves.


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  • Artificial Bamboo:

    Artificial bamboo is an excellent choice for a statement plant that won’t take up too much horizontal space in your home; thes hu e plants are thin and tall, with soft, thin leaves that flow off the stems. Our artificial bamboo plants have natural bamboo stalks, so they can easily trick anyone who looks at them. We have a variety of bamboo plants available, so if you’re looking for something different pick one of our artificial bamboo plants.

Natural Bamboo Plant With Artificial Leaves(6 ft)

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  • Artificial Ficus Tree:

    Ficus trees have been popular for decades, so don’t neglect them just because they aren’t as well-known as Monstera. This plant has many tiny, round, or heart-shaped leaves in a deep green color and a braided stem. Ficus trees complement any style of decor and any color wall, so if you’re looking for a tried-and-true option that will work anywhere in your home, this is a perfect pick.

Artificial Handmade Ficus Plant

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Hanging Plants

Hanging and trailing plants look great in a living area, giving it a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere. That being said, hanging and trailing plants are not just for people with a bohemian style. Place trailing plants or vines in a pot on your tallest shelves, arranging the foliage so that it falls over the edge of the shelf. Hanging planters are a lovely way to add greenery to any living room if you have somewhere to hang them or can add hooks. If you don’t have room for any of these solutions but enjoy the look, our artificial hanging vines may be fitted onto any tiny shelf, behind mirrors and photos, or anywhere else you want a little greenery.

Artificial Morning Glory Plant with Hanging Pot(23 cm)

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Tropical Plants

If you live in colder regions you must long for the warmth of the sun. Bring in some tropical warmth with our artificial plants. We recommend using one or two large statement plants with several medium-sized plants, and a few small plants to get the best effect. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Artificial Bird of Paradise:

    This is the ideal statement plant, and it should not be used in any other way. This plant, with its large, wide leaves and long stems, is great for creating an interior tropical paradise. Place in a corner or next to a bookcase or TV unit to brighten a dark spot or call attention to the most significant part of the room.

Artificial Bird Of Paradise Plant(plt-170)3

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  • Artificial Parlor Palms:

    Palm trees are the iconic tropical plant. They have been a fixture in houses for over a century. Palm plants are an excellent choice if you are working with a tiny area because their thin foliage allow you to see across the plant to the walls behind, so visually the “end” of the room is no closer.

Artifcial Areca Palm 3.5 ft

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  • Artificial Monstera:

    If you’ve been obsessing over plant-filled homes on social media or elsewhere online, you must have noticed that all of those pictures most likely have a monstera somewhere in the room. Also known as the “swiss cheese plant,” this is an excellent statement plant for tiny rooms or a medium-sized plant for larger rooms. If you have the space, position an artificial monstera alongside the statement plants and a smaller plant alongside it to create a rich plant nook.

Artificial Plants for living room-Monstera

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Use Plenty of Small Plants

You’d be surprised at how much of a difference using a variety of tiny artificial plants can make in your living room, especially if you don’t have enough space for larger plants. Even if you don’t have enough space for a five or six-foot-tall plant, you can still change your living area. If you need to utilize small plants, simply use as many plants in all textures and styles as possible to bring your living area to life. You don’t have to go all out here unless you want to – a simple centerpiece plant on your coffee table will suffice if you just want to add some life. Artificial succulents, Boston ferns, cactus, miniature grasses, and other plants measuring 5 cm to 40cm tall are perfect for use on smaller tables and shelves. Use only one plant, or arrange them in tiny groups. Try to adhere to an odd number (for example, a group of three or five).

Artificial Dracaena Plant with Pot (3 ft)

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Use Bonsai

The Japanese discovered bonsai, which spawned a completely new plant business. Bonsai is unquestionably the most attractive type of plant. They are little replicas of large trees, which is a fantastic way to gather miniature plants or create your own miniature garden.

The technique of growing them is quite difficult, which is not a problem because you can avoid it by getting home an artificial bonsai from our collection. Plus, if your living space feels a little cold and bare by using the small bonsai, use coloured and/or patterned plant pots to add that splash of color you’re looking for.

Artificial Bamboo Bonsai Plant with Ceramic Pot (58 cm)

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Try an Artificial Green Wall

Green walls are common in opulent public places like hotels and restaurants, but they also function nicely at home. While you may not be courageous enough to try a full artificial green wall (but certainly consider it if you are living in a large, modern home with from floor to ceiling windows! Using a few individual panels instead of artwork in your living room not only gives the rich foliage you’re searching for, but it also saves floor and shelf space. Depending on the size of your wall, you can arrange each panel horizontally or vertically. Most people keep to the same style for each panel, however if you intend to leave white space in between you can mix and match different styles.

Artificial UV Coated Vertical Mat

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Don’t Ignore The Windowsill

Windows are frequently dusty spaces in the living room. They store one statue or the items you’ve tidied but have yet to put away! This is an important space that you can cover with artificial plants to increase your privacy while without blocking any light.

The width of your windowsill will determine the plants you use, but if possible, use a variety of forms and textures. An artificial snake plant next to a fern may go against your instincts, but it looks amazing, especially on a bright day. Or you can simply use them to place your bonsai.


There are many ways to modify your living room with artificial plants, so it’s worth trying out fresh ideas and discovering what works best for your space. Remember there is no right or wrong way to decorate your living space. Many of these suggestions will also apply to other spaces in your home, such as the kitchen or bedroom.

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