Promotional Offers & Deals

We have discounted offers and deals for you to choose from. These include a variety of synthetic real-looking flowers, plants, vines, bouquets, baskets, and grass turfs. A variety of design combinations, sizes, and colors are available to suit our clients’ requirements. The products offered by us are as follows:

Greenery is the smile of Nature!

Evergreen brings nature in its entirety to your house!
We introduce you to the green and environment-friendly products that provide mind-calming effects and give a natural vibe to your indoor and outdoor. We offer top-quality home décor products and accessories at very affordable rates. Our expertise in producing fine-textured décor items makes our clients come back for more – again and again!


Why Choose Us?

We do our best to build our client’s trust in us. To maintain customer’s confidence, we offer the best possible services and ensure that our products are flawless. Our product range has the highest standards in terms of fineness and durability. Our expert workers have the mastery to design products as per our client’s specifications. We ensure secure packaging of our products requiring extra protection.


How to Measure Area?

  • For square and rectangular-shaped lawns, calculate the number of square feet by simply multiplying the width by the length. (length) x (width) = Total square feet.
  • For round and oval shaped lawns you use the length of the two widest sections. Multiplying will give you the total number of square feet required.
  • For angled or curved lawns to calculate how many square feet of artificial grass is needed, again, multiply the width and the widest point with the length at the longest point.
  • For L shaped lawns we recommend you to break up the lawn into sections and then add together the square feet required from each section.

Corporate Video

We make learning very easy.

E-turf is internationally most trusted and pioneer brand in Artificial Grass industry, It is brought to you in India by Evergreen Bamboo India Pvt. Ltd. E-turf is the premium quality artificial grass for the most rough and tough use, easy to install and is made out of High quality synthetic fibers-yarn. E-turf is designed to make life simple be it for a garden or a playing field.

Artificial Grass, Synthetic Lawns & Artificial Sports Grass

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