Our company has 6 products running at the same time with top feedback from our customers. These are as follows:

1. Artificial Flowers

Flowers bring liveliness to the surroundings. They act as a mood lifter for all of us. What’s more enchanting than a real looking artificial flower? In 1999, Mr. Gupta was the one who launched the very first single stem Imitation Flowers concept. Elen’s artificial flower project offers two exquisite types of artificial flowers. They are classified as:

We also sell through our Distributor networks Pan India, Event management companies, Corporates, Hotels and much more.

2. Artificial Plants

Psychologically, the green color of plants provides a soothing experience. Artificial plants emit refreshed vibes to the surroundings.  Keeping this concept, our company introduced an artificial plants project. We classify our artificial plants into these categories:

3. Accessories

Adding plant accessories boost the elegance level of the environment. Our accessories project is highly popular among our customers. Elen offers exquisitely polished, durable, high-quality accessories that have made them high in demand. Our wooden fences & partitions will add an antique but unique taste to your home décor. The accessories are enlisted into the following categories below:

4. Artificial European Wall Concept

Elen’s Artificial European Wall Project brings you to a whole new world of lush green gardens with a unique jungle look. Imagine a vibrant green shrubs ceiling and wall installed in your home. What an eye-catching look it will be! Likewise, we provide real looking artificial green bushes and leaves to jazz up your ceilings & walls with a European look in mind.

This project is interesting for those who like to decorate their blank walls and outdoor façade Adding color to the background walls adds flavors to the environment. Furthermore, they save the need to place plants here and there in the surroundings. Just put a vertical garden wall and you are area looks refreshed with minimal change.

In 1999, Mr. Pankaj Gupta, our CMD launched the imitation vertical garden concept which has become a sensation in India now. Evergreen Bamboo India Pvt. Ltd. management strives to provide you the products that can magically uplift the mood. We offer various forms of vertical gardens:

1. Tile Form: We offer 3 options in this tile form that are joined together to make your desired size panel

2. Potted form: It is the replica of natural vertical gardens

3.Panel form: This form is made without tiles. We directly install our green bushes and flowers in the area.

6. Artificial Grass / Turf (e-turf)

Many companies produce artificial green grass turfs and very few produce them with the concept of being real and durable in mind. Evergreen Bamboo India Pvt. Ltd. e-turf is an internationally most trusted, pioneer, and popular brand in Artificial Grass Industry that is exclusively brought to you in India by our company. We offer the world’s best artificial grass.

The customizations we offer in the e-turf project are according to the height of piles. The specific features are: